What is Lian?

Lian is a traditional martial arts from Malaysia with effective fast-paced movement, and aims towards close-quarters combat. It has been passed down through generations with documented lineage of students and masters going back to over 100 years.

Learn Lian Online

Amidst the new norm and the pandemic, Lian is offering its training through online means, with instructional videos and live sessions with our masters. This means you can study Lian from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Become an Instructor

Martial arts is a life long journey. But our programme and syllabus are straight forward and concise. Having complete our core programme, you are welcome to advance to our Instructor Programme and bring Lian to your hometown.

Your Instructor

About Sifu Sam

Muhammad Hishamudin bin Abdul Aziz aka Sifu Sam is the founder of Academy Solok Saga and LIAN Malaysia – The Malay Art of Buah Pukul. He has been active in the field of martial arts for 21 years and has been a certified LIAN instructor for 16 years. Over the years, he has learned various forms of martial arts such as Traditional Silat, Seni Pukulan, Muslim Wushu and Qi Gong.

A chemist by profession and a businessman, he is also currently the honorable secretary for the Solok Saga Foundation which is a highly sought-after foundation that helps provide aid for the less fortunate communities and orphanages in Malaysia.

His deep passion and love for the Malaysian martial art of LIAN have motivated him to share his teachings on a larger scale. He believes that LIAN should not be restricted to a specific group but rather it should be learned and practiced by people from all over the world. He created LIAN online as a way to provide everyone with easy access to high-quality knowledge, skills, and understanding of LIAN.

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